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Expand your business worldwide connecting with buyers and suppliers in more than 150 countries. 

Garay Company helps you to grow and expand your business worldwide, providing a verified database of importers and exporters, analyzing the global trade of your products, finding new buyers or suppliers and identifying business opportunities for your company. 


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Garay Company has the biggest database of exports and imports, a big trade data from more than 150 countries, records of more than 500,000 importers and exporters, more than 1 billion of shipments and hundreds of offers and demands from companies in almost all industries updated daily. So, image how far and fast you can expand, knowing the potential global players for your company. 

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Global presence

Global presence

Garay Company works with consultants and partners in five continents, helping to connect buyers and suppliers worldwide, researching the global markets, analyzing exports and imports, monitoring prices, comparing products and identifying business opportunities in different industries. 

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