About us

Garay is a global data analytics company that provides the most complete and reliable view available of exporters and importers. Our approach merges proprietary Garay data with other data sources to help companies around the world understand the global trend of their products, identify emergent markets, monitor de prices, follow the competitors, identify new buyers and suppliers worldwide.


Garay connects exporters and importers in more than 150 countries.

Our team is focused to expand and grow your company providing understandable data and reliable contacts in the industry you are.



Understand the global behavior of your products. Our team standardizes and analyzes the export and import shipments in the most important markets around the world to identify business opportunities for your specific products.



Get the correct contact for your product even buyers as suppliers and gain a better ROI than any other database, b2b platforms or sponsored ads. Why? because our contacts are real exporters and importers, updated and verified.



Business opportunities to measure. From market assessment to partner analysis, Garay delivers a fresh viewpoint supported by reliable data on products, markets, prices, players and strategy.


Clients in 5 continents

We work with clients in different countries and industries collaborating in their growth.

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We are ready to help you.