garay company

We see the whole world as one market.

We believe every company can expand globally because we have seen that with our clients, identifying new partners, better suppliers or taking advantage with new business opportunities. All these only happen initially because we provide them the relevant information to make better decisions.   


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to build trust connections between companies worldwide, working to broke the barriers. These barriers we broke them with clear information about the international trade, global players, prices, products and opportunities open for all. We believe in the abundance and in the power of the perspective to see the problems or difficulties like opportunities. 

When companies has global information they can see the full picture and they can make better decisions, thinking big. We want to guide them to expand and grow their business to foreign markets.  


garay company
garay company


Garay Company is focused to provide solutions to companies want to expand and grow their business. It is not only for exporters and importers companies, we have clients that need new globally ideas and we help them with that objective.

If we see one country or inclusive one city as our unique market we are limited. However if we see the world as one market, it can provide us new opportunities and ideas to grow. From doing business with new partners to taking innovative ideas for our products. 




Our mission is to grow and expand your company.

Our vision is companies connected globally and focused on the mutual benefit to grow. 


Garay Company

Garay Company works analyzing the global markets and supporting to their clients since 2002. We are a group of international business consultants and partners working from different countries and industries.  Throughout these years, we have been analyzing market changes and gaining experience thanks to the fact that many companies around the world have relied on our services and we have given all the best to always offer them a good service, reliable and quality, placing us always on the side of our clients and working together with them to meet their expectations. 

Nowadays, Garay Company is a leader firm on global trade data. We have a portfolio of loyal customers in almost all industries as food, agriculture, mining, technology, textiles, clothing, machinery, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, renewable energy, fishing, automobiles, chemicals, among others.