Apples Global Contacts

Exporters and Importers Worldwide


Get in touch with 4,438 real exporters and importers
of apples worldwide.

- Find real exporters and importers of apples and know who are theirs buyers and suppliers around the world.   

- Analyze exports, imports of apples of the companies by amount in US$ and Kg. 

- Monitor the trade movements of apples of your clients, suppliers and competitors. 

- Know exactly what import or export your partner of apples, to whom and what price. 


96 countries and 394,000+ shipments data analyzed

- Our team analyze daily companies in 89 countries trading, exporting and importing apples around the world. 

- Identify the exporters and importers of apples by country. 

- Recognize the markets with more buyers and suppliers of apples to contact them.

- Our team have analyzed more than 394,000 (and counting) shipments records of exports and imports of the HS code 080810 from the year 2012 to 2018 to find real exporters and importers of apples. 

- Classified and standardized data to provide you clean and reliable contacts of apples worldwide. 


Apples prices by company

- Analyze the evolution of prices of apples month by month according to the real shipments data of exports and imports.  

- Monitor the prices of apples of your competitors, buyers and suppliers around the world. 

- Better your knowledge about prices for better negotiation with suppliers and buyers.   


Contact details updated and verified

- Get the contact details including website, email, telephone, mobile and contact person of the potential buyers, suppliers of apples worldwide. 

- Our consultants find the contact information to save your time in engine search websites, b2b platforms, food databases and collect information directly to our opt-in forms. 

- The contact information is updated and verified constantly by us to provide you reliable contacts.  

- Download all databases of buyers and suppliers of apples in Excel format for your sales campaigns or internal analysis. 


Connect, expand and grow your
business opportunities of apples globally.