Tea Imports in Latin America

In the last 5 years (from year 2011 to 2015) the importation of tea in Latin America is growing 6%. People is starting to consume more tea basically black tea and green tea. 

Consumers are looking for new varieties of tea, good quality of tea and healthy tea. For example: fruit herbal tea is taking a great interest. 

According to the HS code 0902, Chile is the largest market in Latin America importing tea, reaching to import $54.419 million during the year 2015. Other markets, smaller but growing year to year, are Panama that imports $2.233 million, Uruguay $1.948 million, Argentina $1.912 million, Colombia $1.795 million, Peru $1.701 million and others.  

Latin America is a virgin market compare with other big consumers markets like Russia, USA or United Kingdom. So, this is a great opportunity for global exporters of tea introduce their varieties of tea to Latin America. Also, this is a great opportunity for Latin American importers know more about this product in continuous growth. 


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