Fresh Grapes: global imports and exports


The global imports of Fresh Grapes (HS code 080610) is $8,375 billion from all countries worldwide. United States is the largest market importing fresh grapes, reaching a share of 18% with $1,527 billion. Also, this market ranks second of exports fresh grapes with $910 million. 


The next major markets import fresh grapes are: United Kingdom ($672 million), Germany ($658 million), Netherlands ($630 million), China ($586 million), Hong Kong ($439 million), Canada ($433 million), Russia ($281 million), France ($208 million), South Korea ($201 million) and others. 

On the other hand, the major exporters of Fresh Grapes are Chile ($1,352 billion), USA ($910 million), China ($771 million), Italy ($715 million), Peru ($690 million) and others. 

The import average prices of the major markets starting at $1.11 per kg (Russia) to $3.04 per kg (South Korea). 


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