Floor Coverings Business in Peru

During January to June 2016, Peru imported $8.163 million of floor coverings, including the following HS codes and products: 

HS code 570330     
Carpets and other floor covering of synthetic material

HS code 570320     
Carpets and other floor covering of nylon     

HS code 570310     
Carpets and other floor covering of wool


HS code 570390     
Carpets and other floor covering of different fabrics


The top origin markets of floor coverings exporting to Peru are: 

1.    China
2.    United states
3.    Egypt
4.    Netherlands
5.    India

There are more than 120 global exporters like Verivide Spots Uk Ltd. selling from China, Shaw Industries Inc from United States, Shanghai Machinery International Trading Corp. Ltd from China, Interface Americas Inc from United States, Hebei Mighty Synthetic Rubber and Plastic Co. Ltd from China, and others. 

In Peru there are 90 importers of carpets and other floor covering. The top exporters are:

1.    Decorlux S.A.C.                                                                                     
2.    Artificial Grass Corporation S.A.C.
3.    Sodimac Peru S.A.                                                                                   
4.    Corporacion Bonanza Grass Sac
5.    Corporacion Peru Grass S.A.C.                                                                       


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