The best exporters in South America of grapes in the 2017


Last week I was walking through Las Condes in Santiago de Chile. I went shopping for the weekend and decided to go to Santa Isabel. Looking for some fresh fruits found in grapes rather large compared to those you saw on my trips to Peru. It caught my attention from the beginning because of its size and color, and ended up buying immediately.


At that moment, coming home I decided to investigate a little with our business intelligence platform to find out the situation of South American exports, and I found that Chile is the major exporter of grapes in the world, very good quality

I wanted to make a comparison with another country in Latin America and Peru as the second exporter in South Africa and 6th in the world, after the United States, Italy, Holland and China.


In this graphic we can see the seasonality in the exports of both countries from January 2015 to January 2017.

While the high seasons in Chile are between March and April, in Peru they are in November and December. The other months show a decrease during almost all the other months of the year.

Chile has 381 grape exporting companies, while Peru has 224. However, in the following chart you can see some markets to Peru has entered with its grapes and Chile has not yet, as Hong Kong, Pakistan, Georgia, Cameroon, others.


We decided to initiate an investigation and analysis with our Garay Company team. In these days we have identified more than 500 world importers of grapes and more than 600 exporters and we keep updating every day more. We have been in contact with some global buyers and they are interested in doing business with exporting companies in Chile and Peru. If you want to know this research that our team has done you can subscribe for free by click on SIGN UP.

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