Fertilizer: Paraguayan imports 2017


Paraguayan fertilizer imports registered a total of 746 million of dollars during the period from January 2015 to November 2016.

During this period, a total of 2 051 million kilograms of imported fertilizer were registered. The amount of fertilizer imported during 2016 was 9% lower than the amount imported during 2015.

Paraguay obtains the fertilizer of 35 different markets. The main suppliers of Paraguayan fertilizer are: Brazil, Russia and United States of America.

The top Paraguayan fertilizer importers are:

  1. Agrofertil S.A.
  2. Adm Fertilizantes Paraguay S.R.L.
  3. Compañia Paraguay S.A.

The top global suppliers of fertilizer are:

  1. Canpotex Ltd.
  2. Almond Coast S.A.
  3. Agronegocio Ind. e Com. Ltda.


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