Tea and coffee extract: Peruvian imports 2017

Peru imported 87 million dollars in tea and coffee extract, during January 2015 to December 2016.

During this period a total of 9 million of kilograms were imported. Imports reported during 2016 show a growth of 25%, compared to 2015.

Peru imported tea and coffee extract from 26 different markets. The top suppliers markets are: Brazil, United States of America and Chile.

The top Peruvian tea and coffee extract importers are:

  1. Nestle Marcas Peru S.A.C.
  2. Herbalife Peru S.R.L.
  3. Altomayo Peru S.A.C.

The top Global Supplier of tea and coffee extract are:

  1. Herbalife International Luxembourg S.A. R.L.
  2. Nestle Chile S.A.
  3. Nestle Brasil Ltda.














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