Wheat: Peruvian Imports 2017


Imports of wheat in Peru amounted to USD 877 million between 2015-2016.

The main suppliers that sold this product are from Canada, United States and Russia

In 2016 wheat imports decreased by 25%, compared to the amount imported in 2015



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The top 5 importers are:

  1. Alicorp S.A.A
  2. Compañia Molinera del Centro S.A.
  3. Molitalia S.A.
  4. Anita Food S.A.
  5. Molinera Inca S.A.

The top 5 global suppliers are:

  1. Cargill Limited.
  2. Richardson Iternational Limited
  3. Bunge Latin America L.L.C
  4. Paterson Grain L.L.C.
  5. Viterra Inc.



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