6 Buyers of Organic Quinoa


6 Buyers of Organic Quinoa

Organic Quinoa

Organic Quinoa continues a positive trend for exports and imports around the world. Nowadays, the consumers are more informed about food and what they buy to eat for them and their family. They review and read more the boxes of the products, nutritional facts and choose the products look better for health. Organic products are one of the top motivation in the mind of the consumers at the moment to choose a product. 

Quinoa is not the exception. Now, we can see in the retail stores more offer and varieties of products / brands with the description "Organic Quinoa". In the shelf of the markets, if there are two products together, side-to-side, Organic Quinoa and Conventional Quinoa (or only quinoa without description of organic), the eyes of the consumers focus on "organic" because this word has a strong position in their mind related to healthier.    

For these reason, the trend for business as growers, distributors, wholesalers, exporters, importers and retailers is focusing on organic quinoa too. It not means that traditional or conventional quinoa is not healthy or a business in fall, it is only a trend for the organic products. Both products are good, healthy, with a growth demand and a good opportunity for business. 

We have identified more than 800 companies (buyers / importers) of quinoa worldwide and Garay Company team is working on weekly,  finding more and more buyers every week in different countries around the world. Here we have selected six importers of organic quinoa in five continents to share with you.

American Buyers of Organic Quinoa

Trading Organic

trading organic

Website excerpt

Tradin Organic Agriculture supplies the international food industry with globally sourced organic raw materials. From farm to the market, it is our mission to work with the utmost respect for people & planet. For organic farmers in more than 60 countries we are the link to the international food industry. For food processors we are an experienced partner for their entry into the growing organic market.

Products of Trading Organic

trading organic products.png
trading organic products

Colorexa Corp


Website excerpt

We are dedicated to the production and exportation of Peruvian natural products. We uphold a very high quality standard, manufacturing our products according to GMP, HACCP and various other prestigious standards that ensure our customer satisfaction.

Our company is located in the United States and have commercial offices located in Europe, Asia and South America.

Our main storage and production facility is located in Lima, Peru and we are situated 30 minutes away from the seaport of Callao.


European Buyers of Organic Quinoa

Rhumveld Winter & Konijn B.V.

Rhumveld Winter & Konijn

Website excerpt

Rhumveld Winter & Konijn B.V. is an importer, exporter and distributor of a complete assortment of nuts, dried fruits, edible seeds and superfoods with a sustainable business and well established partnerships and agencies worldwide. We pride ourselves on our market and product knowledge, innovation and development, high quality management and customer services including processing facilities.

Our extensive range of products is always available in local depots as well as our own warehousing facilities in the Netherlands.

Products of Rhumveld Winter & Konijn

Rhumveld Winter & Konijn products

Asian Buyers of Organic Quinoa

Puly Co

Puly Co

Website excerpt

Puly Company is a company established in Taiwan. They produce, import and export organic food in different presentations. Puly Co. supplies natural and healthy food. They works with farmers around the world and natural cultivation (pesticide-free crops).

Now I was shocked by the older generation of farmers for food is how much respect.
The world is changing, the climate is changing, the farmers are the most clearly changing,
We speak with their mouths, they carry their shoulders, they carry this responsibility on the shoulders, then we have any reason to continue to let the black heart of food?
Its value is not just how much money can be changed, but this piece of land to cultivate something to support people alive.

Products of Puly Co.

Puly Co products

African Buyers of Organic Quinoa

Health Connection Whole Foods
South Africa

Health Connections Wholefoods

Website excerpt

Health Connection Wholefoods produces a range of 200 speciality foods, designed to help consumers stay healthy. Our range is available in leading retailers and speciality health shops or you can shop online on our website. Our factory is custom designed to support our intensive food safety process and our staff aim to delight you with excellent service.

Our factory is purely wholesale, however our complete range of products is available to the public from our two retail branches located in Fish Hoek and Hout Bay.

Products Health Connection Whole Foods

Health Connection Whole Foods products

Oceanic Buyers of Organic Quinoa

Scalzo Food

Scalzo Food

Website excerpt

Quin Scalzo was born in a small rural farming village in southern Italy. At the age of eight, Quin migrated to Australia with his family who were seeking a more prosperous life.

When Quin was 14 years old he started work as a clerk in a family run food importing business.

After 15 years he had climbed as high as he could within the company. His entrepreneurial drive and passion inspired him to establish his own business in 1977 – Scalzo Foods.

The small family business was originally run from the bungalow of his suburban Melbourne home but through hard work, dedication and a commitment to quality and innovation the business grew rapidly.

Scalzo Foods has grown into the great food company we are today, with over $400 million in annual revenue operating across Australia and New Zealand.

Reflecting the pillars of family and food that Scalzo Foods was founded on, Quin’s son Michael was appointed CEO in 2007 and Managing Director in 2016.

This family involvement ensures Quin’s values of hard work, friendly nature and passion for food is carried on today.

Products of Scalzo Food

Scalzo Food

More than 800 buyers of quinoa

In the next interactive chart you can see the ports where are located the more than 800 importers of quinoa that Garay Company team has analyzed. If you want to know the contact details of all these importers please feel free to contact us, someone of our team will help you to expand your business worldwide. 



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