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According to the digital magazine, Eurofresh, “Peru’s grape exports have skyrocketed in the past decade, going from practically non-existent in the year 2000 to about 280,000 tons last year, reports the USDA Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN).

In a new report, GAIN says that grapes are now one of Peru’s main agricultural exports, totalling $646 million the 2014, up 43% on the previous year. They were also up 50% in volume to 267,270 tons.

It said this significant change has been driven by attractive prices and numerous overseas market opportunities, and a major boost in production as a result of new areas planted in Peru.

Grape production in Peru was estimated to reach 520,000 tons last year.

The central valleys along the coast (e.g., Ica and Lima) are where Peru’s grape growing is concentrated. However, new areas in the Piura and Lambayeque regions on the northern coast are rapidly developing. While the average grape yield in Peru was 20 tons/ha in 2014, yields in Piura were up to 34 tons/ha.

The country mostly grows Red Globe but other varieties include Crimson seedless, Flame seedless, Sugraone and Thompson seedless.


What TradeData GCG says about numbers?

The first half-year of the 2016, Peru exported more than $195 million of fresh grapes around the world by the HS code 080610, mainly the variety of Red Globe. After of this, Peru is exporting other varieties like Crimson, Sheegene and Sweet Celebration.



There are 114 Peruvian producers / exporters of grapes being the top 5 during the year 2016:

  1. El Pedregal ($25 million)
  2. Alcarria ($13 million)
  3. Agrícola Challapampa ($13 million)
  4. Agro Victoria ($12 million)
  5. Procesadora Laran ($9 million)



The main markets of destination for Peruvian grapes are:

  1. United States ($55 million)
  2. Hong Kong ($39 million)
  3. China ($32 million)
  4. Netherlands ($21 million)
  5. Thailand ($8 million)

The Peruvian grapes are imported by 42 markets around the world.


Global Buyers

Our Directory GCG of Global Buyers of Peruvian Grapes, updated on September 2016, contain more than 350 companies worldwide who importing grapes from Peru. Some of them are: Oag Global INC from USA, Shanghai Oheng Import & Export Co. from China, Shezehen City of Gold in the First from Hong Kong.



TradeData GCG and Directory GCG offer you all trade information of the exportation of Peruvian Grapes month to month and the contact information of Peruvian producers and Global Buyers verified and updated on September 2016.

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