Bulldozers: Doing business with Heavy Machines in Peru

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According to Equippo, Peru is one of the world’s leading markets for commodities and natural resource mining. But despite a global decrease in mining projects, the Engineering and Mining Journal notes in their August 2014 Global Business Report: Mining in Peru that Peru remains a key and growing market for heavy equipment sales. Mining equipment sales in Peru continue to be dominated by heavy-duty mining trucks for surface mining, like CAT 797, but also by underground mining equipment like double boomers, roof bolters, borers, like the Peruvian-built SBM 400 SR, and other jumbo machines.

Not surprisingly, CAT is Peru’s main-player with estimated 20,000 – 25,000 units of heavy equipment and machinery in operation, says COO of Cat dealer Ferreyros, Gonzalo Diaz Pro. In 2013 alone, Ferreyros sold $180 million worth of Bucyrus products, acquired in 2011 by CAT in an $8.8 billion merger, like hydraulic shovels and giant electric rope shovels.

Analyzing the demand for heavy equipment in not only Peru, but in emerging markets generally, is further complicated by industry (construction, forestry, mining), local manufacturing capability, import difficulty or restrictions (e.g. PCFV standards), and whether we are considering new or used sales. Peru is an interesting market because it has large heavy equipment demand in the mining sector, but is also expected to grow its construction industry significantly in the coming years.

Though insightful, the E&MJ report on heavy equipment in the Peruvian mining sector lacks information about used equipment sales or auctions, relying only on information from industry sales leaders for new equipment. Other important information to consider would be the number of heavy equipment and machinery present in the country and the amount of equipment manufactured locally. These figures might help us to understand what the used construction equipment market really looks like, the real number of heavy equipment imports and perhaps even how the increasing environmental standards are impacting such an exciting emerging economy.


Talking about Bulldozers

TradeData GCG analyzed the HS code 8429, represented by Bulldozer, Peru imported these heavy machineries by more than $195 million.

Some of the products imported by Peru are: Pala Electrica P&H 4100XPC, Cargador de Ruedas Frontal Komatsu WA1200-3, Tractor sobre Orugas CAT D11T, Motoniveladora, Bulldozer Komatsu D375A-6R, Excavadora Hidraulica Caterpillar 390F and others.


Peruvian Buyers 2017:

According to the reports of September 2017 at TradeData GCG there are 167 Peruvian buyers importing of Bulldozers and other heavy equipment in the HS code 8429.

The main buyers in Peru during the first half-year 2017 are: 

  1. Ferreyros SA ($72 million)
  2. Southern Peru Copper Corporation ($25 million)
  3. Unimaq ($15 million)
  4. Ipesa ($14 million)
  5. Komatsu-Mitsui Maquinarias Peru ($9 million)


Origin Markets 2017

Peru is importing bulldozer from 26 countries around the world, being the top:

  1. United States ($67 million)
  2. Brazil ($57 million)
  3. China ($22 million)


Global Suppliers 2018

During this first half-year of the 2018, the main global suppliers of Bulldozers and other heavy equipment into HS code 8429 are:

  1. Caterpillar from Brasil ($45 million)
  2. Caterpillar Americas from China ($13 million)
  3. Ferre from USA ($7 million)

Directory GCG provides more than 120 global suppliers who are exporting bulldozers and other heavy equipment to Peru during the year 2018.



Heavy machinery is an important sector in Peru, demanding more than $500 million yearly. It sector presents good trends for the next years. In this article we are talking mainly of Bulldozers (HS code 8429) but the market is inclusive bigger with other heavy machineries and equipment.

If you are an intermediate in Peru, looking for good suppliers, TradeData GCG can offer you trade information and global exporters.

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