Buyers of Asparagus in UK


Buyers of Asparagus in United Kingdom

United Kingdom is the fourth major importer of asparagus whole world. This market buy around of US$ 80 million of fresh asparagus per year. In the last 5 years, United Kingdom increased their imports of asparagus in more than 30%. It is an important growth comparing with the other market buyers. 

Some of the major buyer companies are:

Flamingo Produce Limited

Website Excerpt: Flamingo Horticulture Ltd is a vertically integrated agribusiness, providing our customers with the highest quality and leading best practice in the supply chain.

We pride ourselves on sustainable and responsible sourcing  with strategic partnerships with our growers and customers.


Barfoots Limited

Website Excerpt: At Barfoots we grow, process, pack and market a range of semi-exotic produce, with a quality and freshness that is second to none. Established in the early 1970’s by Peter Barfoot, the family business has grown to employ over 200 people. Our existing customers include the major supermarkets within the UK and leading national restaurant chains.

We grow our vegetables using a combination of the very best in traditional farming techniques together with technologically advanced cropping practices. We work in partnership with a dedicated grower base from around the world ensuring a year-round supply of  high-specification fresh produce. We follow a holistic approach towards the business which enables us to successfully balance a sustainable, cutting edge and environmentally considerate farming system with the production of high quality, commercially viable, fresh food.

Barfoots has gained industry-wide and international recognition for our commitment, investment and achievement in world-class farming and food production. Barfoots has been voted “British Vegetable Grower of the Year”, “Most Environmentally Friendly Farm in Hampshire” and Peter Barfoot was named Radio 4 “National Farming Entrepreneur of the Year 2007”.

Wealmoor Limited

Website Excerpt: As an established family owned business and leading supplier to UK retailers and the food service and wholesale sectors, we specialise in the supply and delivery of fresh exotic fruit and speciality vegetables. We are a grower, importer and marketing business with a heritage in subtropical produce. We are also a specialist producer of home grown seasonal vegetables and herbs.

We have integrated partnerships around the globe to enable consistent and smooth supply of the best quality produce 52 weeks a year. With continuous re -investment in farming, production facilities and people, we offer customers the best quality services. We focus on delivering commercially sustainable solutions with communities and the local environment at the heart of what we do. The business has prided itself in commercialising export horticulture in several developing countries by engaging at both the macro and micro levels.



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