Buyers of Chia in Australia


Buyers of Chia in Australia

Chia (Salvia hispanica) is a plant native to Southern Mexico and Guatemala. The seeds of chia are speckled brown / white and have a faint nutty aroma and a crunchy texture. Chia seeds don’t grow in Europe. They are primarily produced in Latin America and Australia. There is emerging production in some African countries as well.

Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. They can be used as: an additive in food, a nutritional supplement, a base for beverages and more.

There is no specific Harmonised System (HS) or other codes applicable to chia seeds. For the main producers of chia the product group “other oilseed” (HS 12079996) is relatively reliable. This is because these suppliers are not known to produce other oilseeds within this statistical group.

Australia is one of the Top 10 buyer of Chia in the world. According to the HS code 1207.99, this market buy around of US$ 16 million per year, part of them is Chia seeds. 

One of the buyers of Chia in Australia is SCALZO FOOD INDUSTRIES.


Website Excerpt: 

"Our team today consists of over 300 employees, all inspired by the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of founder, Quin Scalzo.

Over 30% of our staff have had successful careers at Scalzo Foods for ten years or more. Collectively, this rich experience and shared passion has built a collaborative and open culture that helps to set our business apart.

Our talented teams of industry experts work closely together to ensure we deliver quality products and great service. Our passion for consumer insights and market trends, married with our intricate understanding of domestic and global supply chains, enable us to deliver the forward thinking solutions that our customers love.

We source and manufacture a vast array of ingredients and products to meet the diverse needs of our broad customer base. We love a challenge and have the structure and resources in place to deliver with the efficiency that Australia’s biggest and most loved brands require."





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