Buyers of Potatoes in Germany

Buyers of Potatoes in Germany

Germany is one of the top 5 importers of Potatoes. According to the HS codes 200520, this market buy around of US$ 170 million per year, part of that comes of potatoes prepared or preserverd. This market increased their imports in more than 12% in the last 5 years (2012-2016). 

One of the buyers of Potatoes in Germany is BIRKAMIDON ROHSTOFFHANDELS GmbH


Website Excerpt: 

"As a company with a tradition, Birkamidon Rohstoffhandels GmbH is committed to its clear vision. For us, quality and flexibility are just as centrally important as professionalism when dealing with suppliers and customers, and competitiveness in the markets.

Birkamidon Rohstoffhandels GmbH operates globally and is at home in all the commodity markets across the world. Our communication is always impeccable thanks to the native speakers.
Our definition of a comprehensive and successful service does not only comprise the procurement of the starches and other products; it also consists of a clever and functioning logistics system. Based on years of experience, we ensure that our products reach our customers punctually, flexibly and undamaged.

Our customer base is growing continuously and our assortment of products stands out thanks to its wide variety.

Our range of products includes native starches, such as potato starch, corn starch, wheat starch, pea starch or tapioca starch as well as modified starches or starch derivatives. Birkamidon Rohstoffhandels GmbH also supplies wheat gluten, potato flakes, potato cubes, powdered milk, pectin and hydrocolloid.
To ensure that our customers always receive top quality products, we only procure our starch from recognised and established manufacturers after verifying that they have been certified."




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