Buyers of Sweet Potato in Netherlands

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Buyers of Sweet Potato in Netherlands

According to CBI, sweet potatoes are part of a trending demand for exotic and ethnic food in Europe. The consumption of sweet potatoes has more than doubled over the past five years and supermarkets are catering to this trend. As an exporter, you can benefit but only if you are compliant with market requirements. The United Kingdom and the Netherlands are responsible for most of the European import of sweet potatoes. In 2016, 75% of this supply was in the hands of exporters from the United States.

Netherlands is the second major importer of Sweet Potato in the whole world. According to the HS code 071420, this market buy around of US$ 70 million of Sweet Potatoes per year, represented by 77,000 tons. This market increased their imports of Sweet Potatoes in more than 150% in 5 years, it is a big important growth from 28,000 tons in the year 2015 to 77,000 tons in the year 2016. 

One of the major buyers of Sweet Potatoes in Netherlands is Trofi BV.

Trofi BV

Website Excerpt: 

"Trofi – Tropenfruchtimport GmbH was founded in 1977 and we introduced Kiwifruit and Exotics to consumers in Europe already in the 70’s.
Today Trofi – with offices in Hamburg, Duesseldorf and in the Netherlands, is your preferred importer, distributor and solution provider for Grapes, Exotics, Sweet Potatoes and Onions sourced from around the globe.


Our team lives and breathes fresh produce. We lead the way through experience, creativity and passion in bringing you innovative concepts and tailor made solutions to retail, wholesale and foodservice across continental Europe.

We bring the product directly from the farm to you in the right quantity, the right quality and the right specifications in terms of MRL and social compliance wherever you want it, whenever you want.
We advise and consult with you at all times throughout the supply chain to guarantee a continuity of supply of your programs and orders.
In our own facilities in the Netherlands we pack, pre-pack, ripen and condition your fruit to order in your desired packaging and condition just in time, every time."






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