Canihua Exports to Germany


Canihua exports to Germany 

Chenopodium pallidicaule, known as cañihua, canihua, cañahua or kaniwa, is a species of goosefoot, similar in character and uses to the closely related quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa).

Cañihua is native to the Andean region, with more than 200 varieties, and it has been farmed in the Altiplano for millennia. As a crop, cañihua has distinct characteristics, including tolerance of high mountain conditions, high content of protein and dietary fiber, and rich phenolic content

Cañihua only grows at peruvian and bolivian highlands, at an altitude up to 4000 meters above sea level. 

Germany is one of the most important buyers of  Cañihua in the world. In the last year 2016, Germany imported more than US$ 300,000 of Cañihua from Peru, Bolivia and USA (distributors). 

One of the major company that import Cañihua in Germany is:

Getreide-Gutscher GMBH 

Website Excerpt: 

"We have been partners with agricultural production plants for generations and, as a merchant, we are passionate about the journey from field to plate.

We know from experience that every request is unique.

We aim to fulfil your request to the highest possible standard and adapt it to your wishes. A personal consultation session is our greatest strength and helps us to support you in all areas, with a particular focus on on quality and safety.

The GUTSCHER family has produced foodstuffs for over 200 years.
Our company has a long tradition and years of experience working with plant-based raw materials.

When it comes to foodstuffs, we offer a comprehensive range of cereals and milled products, rice, seeds and pulses (legumes), as well as dried fruits and nuts. The key to our success is the careful selection of our producers and suppliers. This is why we place a high value on our intensive and long-term cooperation with our suppliers, who supply us with high quality products from all over the world.

The grain trade is probably as old as the cultivation process itself.

In an increasingly complex world, our daily challenge is to deliver the right products to the right place and at the right time!

We collect, store and market grains and oilseeds directly from the farmers and supply them to the animal feed and food industries. Sustainable production, the highest quality standards and an efficient supply chain are the cornerstones of our daily work."





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