Colombian Banana: Business Opportunities

colombian banana

People worldwide knows about Colombian coffee like the main product exported by Colombia during many years ago. However, Colombia also offers others good products in Agribusiness Sector, one of them is the Colombian Banana.

Colombian Banana is one of the most important products exported by Colombia. This first half-year, Colombia exported more than 549 millions of American Dollars in Bananas to the world.

According to “Products of Colombia”: Colombian Banana Tree is cultivated in the departments of Antioquia (region of Uraba) and Magdalena. The Banana has a big importance of being a work generator in the county. The industry of the Banana in Colombia generates approximately 22,000 direct works and near 65,000 indirect ones. In addition, the Banana exports represent 30% of the Colombian exports without coffee, competing in the first place with the flowers.

In 2005 Colombia was the tenth-largest producer, with 2.5 percent of the world's banana output, and the third-largest exporter, with 8 percent of the world's exports after Ecuador and Costa Rica. Output for export, mainly of the Cavendish Valery variety, is highly productive compared to international standards”.

The variety of Cavendish Valery is the main product, Colombia exported more than $508 millions. The other products are: other fresh bananas, “manzanito”, “dried” and “plantains”. 


Exporters of Banana

There are 64 Colombian companies exporting $549 millions of bananas from Colombia during January to June 2018. The major Colombian exporters are:

1.         Union de Bananeros de Uraba – Uniban

2.         Comercializadora Internacional Banacol de Colombia

3.         Tecnicas Baltime de Colombia

4.         Comercializadora Internacional Bananeros Unidos de Santa Mar

5.         Sociedad de Comercialización Internacional de Banafrut


Markets of Destiny of Colombian Banana

Colombian Bananas are arriving to 32 countries this first half-year of the 2018. Belgium imported $131 million of Bananas provided by Colombia. Very closed is UK, importing $125 million, USA ($ 115 million) and Italy ($94 million).


Global buyers of Colombia Bananas

According to our records for TradeData GCG, only in this year 2016 there are more than 120 global buyers importing Bananas from Colombia. Some of the top ten are:

  1. Turbana Marketing
  2. Transfrut Express
  3. Dole Fresh Fruit from USA.


Business Opportunities

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