Exports of Quinoa: Peru


Peruvian exports of quinoa have decreased in the last 2 years, mainly the prices. 

In the year 2015, Peru exported US$ 153 million of quinoa while in the year 2016 the exports totaled US$ 123 million. 

The same situation was for the volumen in kg exported. In the year 2015 Perú exported 43,638 TM and in year 2016 it was 49,394 TM. 

The reduction of the prices is the main cause of the total amount in the last 2 years. 

Peru exports different types of organic and conventional quinoa in colors as white, black, red and tricolor. Some of the most exported presentation of Peruvian quinoa are: grain of quinoa, quinoa cooked, quinoa flakes, quinoa canned, flour of quinoa, powder of quinoa, quinoa pop, noodles of quinoa, frozen quinoa and more. 

Peruvian quinoa arrived to 69 countries around the world in the 2016 and the numbers of players were: 215 Peruvian exporters and 495 global buyers. 

The top 5 in the year 2016 were:

1. United States
2. Netherlands
3. Canada
4. United Kingdom
5. Italy 

1. Alisur S.A.C.
2. Vinculos Agricolas E.I.R.L.
3. Inverzo Isg S.A.C.
4. Aplex Trading S.A.C.
5. Colorexa S.A.C.

Colorexa Corp
2. Woodland Foods
3. Otis Mcallister Inc
4. Rhumveld Winter & Konijin B.V.
5. Voicevale Ltd


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