Fertilizer: Ecuadorian imports


Ecuador recorded about 525 million dollars in fertilizer imports during the last two years, from January 2015 to December 2016.

During this period, 1 459 million kilograms of fertilizer were imported.
In 2016, there was a 26% decrease in fertilizer imports, compared to those registered in 2015.

Ecuador makes the importation of fertilizer from 46 different markets. The main fertilizer markets are: Russia, China and the United States of America.


The top Ecuadorian fertilizer importers are:

  1. Fertisa Fertilizantes Terminales i Serv
  2. Agripac S.A.
  3. Brenntag Ecuador S.A.

The top Global Supplier are:

  1. Mosaic Global Sales Llc.
  2. Uralkali Trading S.A.
  3. Phosagro-Cherepovets