Fertilizer: Peruvian imports


Peru imported about 895 million dollars in fertilizer, between January 2015 and December 2016.

During this period, 3 065 million kilograms were registered in fertilizer imports. For 2016, fertilizer imports decreased by 8.32%, compared to the amount imported during 2015.

The Peruvian fertilizer imports come from 43 different markets. The main markets are: Russia, United States of America and China.

fertilizer peru

The top Peruvian fertilizer importers are:

  1. Molinos & Cia S.A.
  2. Corportacion Misti S.A.
  3. Exsa S.A.

The top Global Supplier are:

  1. Mosaic Crop Nutrition Llc.
  2. Branch Azot Jsc.
  3. Enaex S.A.

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