Ice Creams: Peruvian Imports

Ice cream

In the year 2015, imports was USD 471 thousand kilos of ice cream while in the year 2016 the imports totaled 652 thousand kilos.

Main countries which sold ice cream in last 2 years were: Colombia, France, United States

The top 5 importers are:

  1. Franquicias Unidas del Peru S.A.C
  2. Perufarma S.A.
  3. Cencosud Retail Peru S.A.C
  4. Nestle Marcas Peru S.A.C
  5. Supermercados Peruanos S.A.

The top 5 global suppliers are:

  1. Comercial Allan S.A.S.
  2. General Mills International S.A.R.L.
  3. Mars Chocolate North America L.L.C.
  4. Nestle Chile S.A.
  5. Turkey Hill Dairy

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Martin Garay