Mangoes: Peru Exports


Mangoes exports in Peru, during the period January 2015 to January 2017, have a value of USD 440 million.

These exports are aimed at 41 countries and 331 buyers


The most exported types were:

  1. Kent
  2. Chunk
  3. Keitt
  4. Edward
  5. Ciruelo

The top 5 markets are:

  1. Netherlands
  2. United States of America
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Spain
  5. France

The top 5 exporters are:

  1. Sunshine Export S.A.C.
  2. Dominus S.A.C.
  3. Camposol S.A.
  4. Agroindustrias Golden Fresh S.A.C.
  5. Passion Fresh S.A.C.

The top 5 buyers are:

  1. Cultivar S.A.
  2. Univeg Trade Benelux B.V.
  3. Giovanelli Fruchtimport AG.
  4. Miles Import S.A.S.
  5. Boyer S.A.S.

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