Printers: Argentina Imports


Argentina imports of Printers have decreased in the last 2 years.

In the year 2015, Argentina imported USD 407 million of Printers while in the year 2016 the imports totaled USD 385 million.


The most imported brands were:

  1. Hewlett Packard
  2. Ricoh
  3. Epson

The top 5 markets are:

  1. China
  2. Japan
  3. United States of America
  4. Brazil
  5. Malaysia

The top 5 importers are:

  1. Epson Argentina S.R.L.
  2. Ricoh Argentina S.A.
  3. Ranko S.A.
  4. Hewlett Packard Argentina S.R.L.
  5. Etertin S.A.

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