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Get in touch with 1,220+ real exporters and importers
of ginger worldwide.

- Find real exporters and importers of ginger and know who are theirs buyers and suppliers around the world.   

- Analyze exports, imports of ginger of the companies by amount in US$, Kg and prices. 

- Monitor the trade movements of ginger of your clients, suppliers and competitors. 

- Know exactly what import or export your partner of ginger, to whom and what price. 


Buyers and suppliers from 58 countries

- Our team search and analyze daily exporter and importer companies of ginger in 58 countries. 

- You will get access to credible buyers and suppliers of ginger around the world. 


Ginger prices by company

- Monitor the prices of ginger month by month according to the real shipments of exports and imports.  

- Analyze the prices of ginger of your competitors, buyers and suppliers around the world. 

- Doing business and better negotiation with suppliers and buyers.   


40,000+ shipments records analyzed

- Our ginger data is based on the HS codes 091010, 091011, 091012 reaching more than 40,000 shipments records since the year 2012 to 2018. 

- All data is clean, classified and standardized to provide you reliable contacts of ginger. 

- You can download our analyzed database in Excel format unlimited during your license access. 


Connect, expand and grow your
business opportunities of ginger globally. 

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