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Real exporters and importers of maca


Get in touch with 2,300+ real exporters and importers
of maca worldwide.

- Get real exporters and importers of maca and know who are their buyers and suppliers around the world.   

- Analyze exports and imports of maca of the companies by amount in US$, Kg and prices. 

- Monitor the trade movements of maca of your clients, suppliers and competitors.  

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Buyers and suppliers of maca in 85 countries

- Our team collect and analyze Customs reports to find real exporter and importer companies of maca worldwide.

- You will get access to credible buyers and suppliers of maca around the world. 

- Identify potential markets according to the presentation, type and color of maca.

- Analyze the amounts, volumen and prices of maca by country.


Maca prices by company

- Monitor the prices of maca month by month according to the real shipments of exports and imports.  

- Analyze the prices of maca of your competitors, buyers and suppliers around the world. 

- Doing business and better negotiation with suppliers and buyers of maca.  

- Identify the prices by presentation, type and color of maca. 

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80K+ shipments records analyzed

- Our maca data is based on the HS codes 071490 (fresh maca), 110620 (flour, powder and other presentation of maca), reaching more than 80,000 shipments records since the year 2012 to 2018. 

- All data is clean, classified and standardized to provide you reliable contacts of maca. 

- You can download our full analyzed database in Excel format unlimited during your access license. 


Connect, expand and grow your
business opportunities of maca globally. 

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