Quinoa Contacts

Quinoa Contacts


The subscription includes:

- Access to 2,300+ real exporters and importers of quinoa grains worldwide.
- 01 year access to the online platform.
- Online interface.
- Download full database in Excel format.
- Free updates and new contacts during the subscription.

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Identify contacts by country

You will have a global visualization of the exports and imports of quinoa grains by market.

Identify potential buyers and suppliers of quinoa grains by country.

Segment the markets by size, zone and trade.

Includes the analysis of the HS code: 100850 - Quinoa "Chenopodium quinoa".


Analyze your business contacts

In this platform you can analyze the trends of more than 2,300 exporters and importers of quinoa grains.

Data of exports and imports by year, month and specific shipment date from 2012 to 2019.

Compare the companies by local and partner.

Segment by type of product (organic and conventional) and color (quinoa black, red, white, others).


Trace to your competitors

Know exactly who are the buyers or suppliers of your competitors.

Compare the companies and visualize their partners.

Have relevant information as amount, price, type of the product to make a better negotiations.


Contact and make business

Get the contact details as website, email, maker decision, phone, telephone, country and trade of the exporters and importers.

Find updated and verified information of real exporters and importers of your product.

Search, filter and download the full database of contact details and tradedata in Excel format.

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