Buyer of Ginger in Netherlands


Netherlands is one of the top 5 importer of Ginger in the world. According to HS 091011 codes, this market buys around US $ 88 million per year, all that comes from Ginger, Neither Crushed Nor Ground.

This market increased their imports value in a 40.34% in the last 5 years (2013 – 2017). 

One of the major buyers of Ginger in Netherlands is EOSTA


Website Excerpt: 

“Eosta is presently Europe's most innovative importer, packer and distributor of organically grown fresh produce. Eosta serves major retailers and natural food stores in Europe, the USA, Canada and the Far East.

Eosta products carry a unique three digit Nature & More 'trace & tell' code and/or QR-code that provides retailers and consumers with direct web access to the producer as well as his ecological and social impact.

We were the first to obtain carbon credits on organic farming practices and to offer TÜV certified Climate Neutral products in the European food market (via Soil & More).

Eosta and its Nature & More "trace & tell" scheme continue to receive international recognition through an ever growing number of awards”. 




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