Buyer of Pomegranate in China


China is the main importer of the HS code 081090 in the whole world; this market buys around US$ 758 million per year, represented by 983,809 tons. From 2011 to 2016, this market has increased their imports value in 33.09%.

One of the Buyers in China is:

Wink Kee Produce

Website excerpt:

"Wing Kee Produce Ltd. was founded in 1968 by today’s Chairman, Dr. Wayne T. W. Leung. From our company’s humble beginnings at a small stall in the Central Market, Wing Kee is now one of the premier importers and distributors of fresh produce and premium food products in Hong Kong, Macau, and China.

Wing Kee Produce—part of the larger Wing Kee Group— operates from a self-owned facility in Kowloon Bay, covering 40,000 square feet of office, cold storage, and warehouse space. Our Group is active in many parts of the world, and our global reach is as diverse as our product range. Wing Kee imports and exports fresh perishables, dairy products, confectionery, seafood, frozen foods, coffees, and other premium specialties from/to around the world. Of course, our suppliers and customers worldwide span many market segments in the food industry."



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