Buyers of Ginger in USA


USA is the major importer of Ginger in the world. According to HS 091011 codes, this market buys around US $ 105 million per year, represented by 80,000 tons.  In the last five years this market increased their imports value of Ginger in a 39.58%. All that comes from Ginger, Neither Crushed Nor Ground.

In 2017, 67% of this supply was in the hands of exporters from China and 17% was in the hands of exporters from Peru.

One of the major buyers of Ginger in USA is SMART GROUP TRADERS INC.


Website Excerpt: 

“We are importers of fresh organic ginger, spices and fruits from the Amazon rainforest of Peru, China, Thailand, and soon to be Indonesia. We are a family owned business with a passion for the industry and our surrounding communities. We have invested into our own fields in the Las Palmas area of Peru as well as our joint venture with Agroindustria JAS.

Agroindustria JAS is one of the only packing operations within the Amazon rainforest of Peru with state-of-the-art machinery that has been built to meet HACCP/ISO standards and has the ability to pack according to the customer’s needs. We are continuing to extend our services by implementing a cold press juicing line at Agroindustria JAS for ginger and turmeric juice that will be ready for production in early 2018.

n addition to our fields and packing operation, our focus is to better our surrounding communities in Peru by striving to improve its quality and purpose. We have heavily invested in the Las Palmas outlying community by installing electric poles and an industrial transformer lighting not only our facility, but the entire residential town as well as its local businesses. We have also invested into the community by improving the roads of Las Palmas, which has resulted in the small town becoming an official district.

Outside of Peru, we have a joint venture in China with experience and equipment for ginger processing with a focus on crystalized ginger and the Chinese ginger root. We have a similar operation in Thailand where we focus on Thai ginger in the spring season.

ur most recent project is our ginger candy factory in Indonesia. In partnership with Indo Tropikal, we are building a brand new facility to create ginger candy, also known as ginger chews, that will be ready for production mid-2018.”.




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