Buyers of Pomegranate in the Netherlands


The Netherlands is third major importer of the HS code 081090 in the whole world; this market buys around US$207 million per year, represented by 67,521 tons. From 2011 to2016 this market has increased their imports value in 69.19%.

Some of the major buyer companies in the Netherlands are:



Website excerpt:

“On the international market, BUD Holland is a leading importer of exotic fruit, exotic vegetables and specialties from all over the world. In addition to fruit and vegetables, BUD Holland offers a wide range of products, including wild and cultivated mushrooms, soft fruit, mini vegetables, sea greens, fresh herbs and niche products. BUD Holland primarily supplies to (catering) wholesalers and supermarket chains throughout Europe.

More than 40 years of experience is reflected in our expert product knowledge, excellent contact with certified growers and suppliers and a seamless planning of fully temperature controlled logistics.

BUD Holland supplies all of its products from stock. BUD Holland is ahead of market demand ensuring that products are always in stock. Fresh and of the highest quality. As a result we were able to achieve a leading position on the international import market. A position which we continue to maintain and strengthen.”



BUD Holland

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