Buyers of Sweet Potatoes in United Kingdom


United Kingdom is the major importer of Sweet Potatoes in the whole world. According to the HS code 071420, this market buys around of S$114 million per year, represented by 161.52 tons. In the last five years this market increased their imports value of Sweet Potatoes Fresh or Dried. in a 169.9%. All that comes from Sweet Potatoes.

Some buyers of Sweet Potatoes in United Kingdom are:


Website Excerpt

“We want to showcase the humble and hard-working veg with easy to prepare recipes that demonstrate their versatility and encourage consumers to eat more; love more. Did you know, for example, that sweet potatoes are not potatoes? They can be eaten raw as well as mashed, boiled, steamed or roasted. Great when you consider that they are classed as one of the 5-a-day vegetables and that they are available 52 weeks of the year.

We're proud to say that now UK consumers are now eating 91% more sweet potatoes than they were 5 years ago and incredibly over 38 million people are now regularly eating them!”


Scott Farms International

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