Exports of Maca in Spain


Spain is the third exporter of Maca in the world. According to HS code 071490, this market sells around US $ 5.2 million per year.

This market increased their exports value in a 101.6% in the last 5 years (2012 – 2016).

The main destinations of this market are Japan (20.3%), USA (16.8%), Germany (14.7%), South Korea (9.5%), and France (7.6%).

One of the main buyers of Maca in Spain is


Website Excerpt

"La Finestra sul Cielo was born in Italy in 1978 with the aim of offering high quality organic foods and developing products that improve the lives of consumers and the environment. In 2003, La Finestra sul Cielo España emerged, which, with the same philosophy as its predecessor, is responsible for selecting the best organic products and marketing them in Spain, Andorra, Portugal and South America. "

Website: http://www.lafinestrasulcielo.es


La finestra sul cielo

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