Fresca GMBH, buyer of Ginger in Germany


Germany is the fifth major importer of Ginger in the whole world. According to the HS code 091011, this market buys around of US$ 39 million per year, represented by 17.040 tons.

In the last five years this market increased their imports value of Ginger in a 56.71%. All that comes from Ginger, Neither Crushed Nor Ground.

One of the major buyers of Ginger in Germany is FRESCA GMBH.


Website Excerpt: 

“In order to simplify cooperation for our customers in the food retail and wholesale market in Germany, we decided in November 2007 to set up our own business premises (Y & P Fresca Imp. Exp. Ltd.) in Germany. This resulted in the Fresca GmbH in January 2014. 

Our parent company, Y & P Fresca Imp. Exp. Ltd., is based in Cyprus.  

Take advantage of our over 30 years of experience in packaging, import and export of fresh fruits and vegetables. Our customers come from many European countries, the Far East, Russia, the Middle East, the Gulf States, USA and Canada.

We specialize in selling high-quality yet affordable products that are not only enjoyable, but also make a healthy and balanced diet possible.”




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