Pomegranate buyers: North Bay Produce


The USA is the fourth major importer of the HS code 081090 in the whole world; this market buys around US$160 million per year, represented by 181,869 tons.

From 2011 to 2016, this market has increased their imports value in 41.43%.

Some of the major buyer companies in the USA are:

North Bay Produce Inc.

Website excerpt:

“North Bay Produce, Inc. is an international, grower-owned, year-round, fresh produce marketing and distribution cooperative, headquartered in Traverse City, Michigan. The company’s twenty-nine stockholders are located in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and the United States.

North Bay Produce, Inc. markets its produce to retailers, wholesalers, and food service distributors throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Our consistent quality and service has enabled us to partner with some of the strongest customers in each market segment throughout each of these regions. We are consistently exploring new and developing markets to continue to expand our reach in the global market.”

Website: https://northbayproduce.com/



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