Market of Sweet Potatoes in Netherlands

sweet potato

Netherlands is the second importer of Sweet Potatoes in the world. According to HS 071420 codes, this market buys around US $ 71 million per year, all that comes from Sweet Potatoes, Fresh or Dried.

This market increased their imports value in a 169.83% in the last 5 years (2012 – 2016).

Some of the buyers of Sweet Potatoes in Netherlands are:


Website Excerpt

“Fairtrasa is a global social enterprise that empowers small-scale farmers to lift themselves out of poverty. Our unique development model gives farmers the training, resources, and direct market access they need to become Organic producers and independent agro-entrepreneurs. Through our integrated supply chain, farmers provide high-quality fresh and processed fruit to Fairtrasa's customer network, receiving fair income for their products and help re-investing in their farms, businesses, and communities.”




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