Pomegranate buyers: Trinity Fruit Sales


The USA is the fourth major importer of the HS code 081090 in the whole world; this market buys around US$160 million per year, represented by 181,869 tons.

From 2011 to 2016, this market has increased their imports value in 41.43%.

Some of the major buyer companies in the USA are:

Trinity Fruit Sales

Website excerpt:

“Trinity Fruit Sales is a grower, packer and shipper of fresh fruits, proudly serving our customers since 1999. Our philosophy is simple, and our corporate culture is unique. We are committed to maintaining an unprecedented level of respect for our clients, our growers and for each of our associates involved in the growing, picking, packing and shipping of our products. Our main focus is to service our customers and growers while maintaining an excellent quality of fruit and ensuring a great eating experience with every piece of fruit we pack.

We take pride in our commitment to food safety, sustainable agricultural practices, our excellence in service and our innovations in packaging. It starts in the orchards, where our field team works hand-in-hand with our select growers, connecting market demands to varieties and growing protocols.

We have become one of the premier shippers and packers of stone fruit in California's Central Valley. We feature a full line of California fruits supported by a network of worldwide growers, allowing us to service your needs year-round. Our sales team has expertise in all areas of the market, assuring you of products and configurations that will meet ever-changing consumer demands.

Versatility is critical to any successful organization. Trinity Fruit can accommodate virtually any packaging preference, whether it is standard cartons,RPCs, Euro boxes, bags, clamshells, or custom packs.”

Website: https://www.trinityfruit.com/

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