Quinoa prices in Europe

Prices of quinoa in Europe.png

Europe is a big buyer of quinoa. The companies in Europe import different presentations of quinoa as quinoa in grain, flour of quinoa, flakes of quinoa, precooked quinoa, quinoa pop, noodles of quinoa and more products of quinoa.

Currently, the prices of quinoa in Europe range from US$ 1.837 to US$ 6.002 per kilogram.

In the following map chart you can identify the prices of quinoa by market in Europe.

Prices of quinoa in Europe.png

About this analysis:
This analysis has been elaborated using reliable Customs data in different countries from January 2012 to September 2018.

The following HS codes have been considered:
100850 (quinoa grains)
110290 (quinoa flour)
10419 (other presentations)
110429 (precooked)
190410 (quinoa pop)
190490 (quinoa cereals)


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