Supplier of Pomegranate in the Netherlands


The Netherlands is the third major exporter of the HS code 081090 in the whole world; this market sells around US$ 202 million per year, represented by 109,023 tons. From 2011 to 2016, this market has increased their imports value in 13.37%.

One of the Suppliers in the Netherlands is:

Hagé International

Website excerpt:

“As a market-oriented company, Hagé seeks to provide a useful service to its customers by offering a wide range of fruit and vegetables all year round and supplying only the highest quality products. Hagé's ambition is to become the European market leader, selling a wide range of fruit and vegetables, while engaging with customers and placing quality, reliability and service centre-stage. The key to achieving this ambition lies in working closely with all our supply-chain partners.”



Hage International

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