Suppliers of apples in USA


USA is the second exporter of apples in the world. According to HS code 080810, this market sells around US $ 935 million per year, all that comes from fresh apple.

This market decreased their exports value in a -13.90% in the last 5 years (2012 – 2016).

The main destinations of this market are Mexico (24.6%), Canada (22.3%), Taiwan (8%), India (6.8%), and Hong Kong (4.1%).

The average price exported of this market is US$ 1,070 per ton.

One of the main supplier of apple in USA is: 


Website Excerpt:

“The four families that own CMI Orchards independently operate storage and packing facilities for apples, pears and cherries. All CMI facilities are located in Central Washington State with each one strategically located close to orchards to minimize post-harvest transit time as fruit is picked and then quickly moved from the orchard to warehouse cooling facilities. There are five facilities for storing and packing apples, four cherry facilities, two facilities for organic apples and one facility for packing conventional and organic pears.”


CMI Orchards

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