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Netherlands is the third exporter of sweet potatoes in the world. According to HS 071420 codes, this market sells around US $ 53 million per year, represented by 39,952 tons. In the last five years, this market increased their exports value of sweet potatoes in a 250.92%. All that comes from sweet potatoes, fresh or dried.

In 2016, the main destinations were, with a 41.9% Germany, with a 10.6% France, with a 9% Sweden, with a 3.5% Belgium and with a 1.1% Norway.

Some of the exporters of Sweet Potatoes in Netherlands are:


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“If the strength of the organization depends on the people behind it, the young company is supported by a strong, dedicated and very experienced team that has been in the business for over two decades. Our team creates relationships based on a long-term trust based on quality, loyalty, commitment and competitiveness.

Early 2016 BR Fresh Exotics became organic certified: Skal number 104916 and certificate number 922240 - NL-BIO-01.”


BR Fresh Exotics BV

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