Canihua: Global Trade Platform

Canihua: Global Trade Platform

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License: 01 year access

Updates: Monthly

Format: Intuitive interface + spreadsheets in Excel + Directories in Excel.

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About Global Trade Platform  

Our consultants analyze daily the exports and imports in more than 120 countries worldwide, finding potential markets, price trend of the products, new buyers and suppliers, verified contact information of the companies and more details for exporters and importers.  


  • Global trade analysis of the major 120 countries.
  • Database of shipments by sea/air.
  • Directory and contact information of the companies (suppliers / buyers).
  • Insights. 
  • Historic values and volume. 
  • Price analysis. 
  • Classified products.

Reasons to buy

  • Find out the best markets to buy or purchase your product.
  • Identify the suppliers and buyers worldwide.
  • Recognize to your competitors.
  • Gain competitive intelligence about market.
  • Analyze the prices of the products by market and by company. 
  • Take better decisions for your marketing, brand, strategy and market development, sales and supply functions. 
  • Reduce the risk to do business with suppliers and buyers. 
  • Save time and money for researching, analyzing and contact prospects.  
  • Understand easily relevant data on intuitive interface.  

HS codes analyzed in this Platform:

100890 - Grains of canihua.

Products analyzed in this Platform:

Grains of canihua, organic canihua, conventional canihua

Countries analyzed in this Platform: 

This platform covers more than 120 countries analyzed for exports and imports. 


Intuitive interface, analysis, databases and directories of suppliers and buyers worldwide.


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