Alpaca Clothing Contacts

Alpaca Clothing Contacts


The subscription includes:

- Access to contact details of real exporters and importers of alpaca fabrics worldwide.
- 01 year access to the online platform.
- Download full database in Excel format.
- Free updates and new contacts during the subscription.

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Alpaca Clothing Contacts
Alpaca Clothing Contacts

Powerful features for powerful decisions

We provide a database of worldwide exporters and importers of alpaca clothing, where you can get the contact details for real buyers and suppliers.

This platform covers the exporters and importers of different types of alpaca fabrics.  Includes the HS codes:

6204 - Alpaca formal wear for women.
6202 - Alpaca coats, overcoats and similar clothes for women.
6104 - Knitted alpaca formal wear for women.
5111 - Woven fabrics of carded wool or of carded fine animal hair

Get in touch with real exporters and importers
Our team carefully analyzes export and import data of alpaca fabrics worldwide, verifying that every contact entry in the database is reliabe and up-to-date.

Global coverage
The platform provides contacts from over 60 countries, so you can develop a better understanding of the alpaca fabrics market by finding contact data for real exporters and importers.

Filter and analyze contact data in detail.
You can filter the database directly from the online platform; or download it in Excel, CSV or PDF formats. This helps you with integration with other business operations and processes.


Trustworthy contacts at your disposal

Our team verifies every contact to make sure the information is correct and updated, so you receive a clean database and without useless entries.

Detailed contact information
You can find the following fields in the database: company name, country, website, email, telephone, contact person and trade. Also, you can filter data by: company name, country and trade (exporter or importer).

Constant updates
Contact details are updated constantly; searching for new contacts or changes in website, email, telephone and contact person. This helps you at making accurate business and product decisions.

Verified contact information
We verify contact information by analyzting the bill of landing, the product's HS Code and the contact details to confirm if the company produces, buys or sells alpaca fabrics.

Alpaca Clothing Contacts
Alpaca Clothing Contacts

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