What We Do

Garay Company connects exporters and importers worldwide, analyzing the global trade, prices, products, companies and identifying business opportunities. 


Global Trade Analysis

Garay Company works with more than 80 paid sources worldwide.

We collect big data of exports and imports to analyze and provide

relevant information to our clients.  


All global trade data in one place  

We work with more than 80 paid sources of data in more than 150 countries as Customs data, global trade statistics, B2B marketplaces, exports / imports platforms, market researches companies, offers / demands portals, databases of exporters and importers, and more. 

We collect that big data to analyze and provide relevant information of exports and imports segmented by product.  


Business intelligence data

After to collect big data of exports and imports daily, our analysts in different countries review the information, cleaning and finding concordances with other sources. We analyze thousands and thousands of shipments and records to offer the best information. They segment the data by product to offer to our clients only relevant information according to their needs. 

Finally, all this data is worked from our business intelligence center to prepare platforms for specific products. In these platforms our clients can get information of exports and imports, insights, analysis, raw data, contacts, directories and opportunities of their products. Our platforms offer comprehensive data to make better decisions. 



For exporters: to find new markets, potential clients, compare your products and prices with competitors, you will get all these information with our Global Trade Platforms segmented by products. 

For importers: to find new suppliers that provide better prices and quality products, innovative products in foreign market to your local market or analyze what your competitors buy, you will get this analysis updated and comprehensive in our platforms.  

For researchers, professionals or local companies, to seek global data for analysis for internal use, monitor the trends of the markets or identify new ideas for their projects, you will get the best information easy to read in our platforms. 

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One step more

World changes constantly and global business is not the exception. We work with passion to connect business around the world and open the international markets to more people. We want to demonstrate all is possible and the distance from country to country is, usually, more a mental barrier than a real barrier. When we have the big picture, we can make better decisions. Nowadays, people can do business from anywhere and we promote that, with correct information and good partners. For these reason, Garay Company represents companies and brands in different countries to expand and grow their business, breaking barriers.       


Ready to expand and grow worldwide?